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The Voices We Hear

Every day, we hear hundreds, if not thousands of voices. These voices are the ones that we hear on the radio, or the television, the internet or even in our own head. They tell us we live in a broken world and that there is no hope. These voices tell us the work is too hard and that the odds are too steep.

I am here to tell you those voices are wrong. And I know those voices are wrong because I see the exact opposite here at New Path every day. Every. Single. Day.

We are more than a food pantry, we are more than a place where people starting on their second chance can get some furniture, we are more than a place where people can learn. We are a place based on relationships, where the world changes one life at a time.

Did you know you can change the world? You can. There are deep, felt needs in your community right now. And we must be willing to shout down those voices who say it isn't worth the time or the effort, because those voices are wrong.

What we do here at New Path is build relationships with those that we are called to serve. We go deeper than just the symptom and try to earn the trust of those that we come in contact. We recognize that those in poverty are some of the best problem solvers we know and that we collaborate with them to help produce productive solutions.

And we have recognized that when one life is changed, the world is changed.